virtual Video Web 




iNTRANET-TV Webstation SponsorshipS

The IntraNet-TV Broadcasting Network offers IntraNet-TV Webstation Sponsorship Packages for companies that want to participate in the establishing of the Virtual Video Web. It is the latest high-tech addition to the Internet. Currently, there are 15 enrolled cities with more than 100,000 video playing slots that can be connected to mobile cellphones and other wireless apps. There are also 45,000 business trade group slots that play on demand videos as well. A City Metropolitan Quad starts in a city center and expands outward creating four separate market areas, until it covers an entire state or a designated territory.

Email Notification Option

The Webchannel Sponsorship Packages also includes an email notification option that’s made available to subscribers that want to be notified when new additions and updates are added to the Digital Video Webchannel where  apps are attached. The subscriber may choose a paid or enroll in a free email notification option. Each time there is a change or update, to the webchannel where their app is attached an email notice is sent to the subscriber. Subscribers that choose the free email notification option must select a single sponsor from the list that operates in the designated territory where they enrolled. The sponsor’s promotional insert is attached to the bottom of the email notice each time it is sent.

Sales & Marketing Services for Digital Video Webchannels & Webstations

DigitaFran Franchises - oversee sales and marketing of territories including area development rights for Digital Video Webchannels and mobile cellphone apps for small & medium enterprises. DigitaFran is the exclusive provider of digital video webchannels with companion apps that include the IntraNet-TV Mobile Cellphone Access App and Business Trade Group Access App for small & medium enterprises. The DigitaFran Franchise is an early stage franchise model that’s being built in a Dot-Com Business Incubator.