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IntraNet-TV Talent & Casting Agency

The IntraNet-TV Broadcasting Network was established in 1995, as an on-demand media outlet for local & niche market webchannels. Today it is a broadcast network for Digital Video Webchannels with Companion apps. There are four types of Internet models attached to Still Picture Video Industry for modeling. Internet showcase and acting models are attached to an IntraNet-TV Talent & Casting Agency. Following are four new Internet Models recognized by the  Industry: Showcase Acting Model, Picture Feature Model, Showcase Display Model and Display Spokes Model.  These still picture video models are attached to the IntraNet-TV Broadcasting Network video production agencies. Showcase Acting Models and Still Picture Feature Models wear Business Statuswear clothing lines and accessories. When these clothing lines and accessories grow, so will opportunities to participate in the building of the Virtual Video Web.

Showcase Display Model

The IntraNet-TV Talent & Casting Agency represent Internet models that work in the Still Picture Video Industry. Showcase Display Model poses are placed in a portfolio databases for use in producing commercial ads and/or videos. This selection process includes poses that may be taken from your home, office or outdoors. Once, a model is selected, they are asked to enroll in an agency, if they want to affiliated with the IntraNet-TV Broadcasting Network. Some of our display and showcase models poses in our wearable merchandise and Business Statuswear Clothing Lines. Click here to enroll

Display Spokes Model

Still picture video models are a new class of Internet display and showcase models. There special image pictures are used in the production of videos, commercial ads, at trade/show exhibits, business statuswear fashion & accessories shows, product & service displays, special event exhibits, as well as in still picture and motion picture videos. Still picture video models are the latest class of Internet models. Click here to enroll

Showcase Acting Model 

Showcase and display models are the new faces and voices in Internet Marketplace that being created by the Virtual Video Web. Still picture video models are a new class of Internet models that specializes in showcase and display modeling. Some, showcase models began modeling as a secondary career option and as this new industry spread around the world, so will new opportunities . Many of these models specializes in short-run video productions. There maybe outside modeling jobs for some members and sponsors of the Virtual Video Web that include showcase acting, display speaking and special feature  images for used in commercial and motion video productions. The Showcase Acting Model is also a runway model in the Talent & Casting Agency. They showcase model for the Business Statuswear Clothing Lines on stage and at events sponsors by members in the Virtual Video Web. Click here to enroll 

Picture Feature Model

 Still picture feature models showcase their best body features including:  faces, hands, feet, legs, hair and other body images. Many of these models learned their craft from taking selfies and pictures of their families and friends. Still picture video models are a new class of Internet models that specializes in showcase and display modeling. The models will become the new faces and voices in the Internet Marketplace that being created by the Virtual Video Web.  Click here to enroll 

Showcase Display Model

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