Independent & Major Service Providers 


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Not since the adding of World Wide Web (WWW) to the Internet, have there been a more widely used addition than digital and virtual videos. The Virtual Video Web includes Digital Video Webchannels with companion apps, the latest high-tech addition to the Internet with a global reach.

Secondary Career and Business Skill Professionals

The secondary career is a business skill profession that is recognized by the Virtual Video Web a new field for independent and major service providers in selected business trade groups. 

Business Skill Professional

Business Skilled Professionals work in areas that support new entrepreneurs and existing business owners that are starting new ventures or expanding existing ones. The need for talented individuals to work in Virtual Video Web has caused the management to launch a secondary career and business skill training program. 

Secondary Career Professional

The Secondary Career Profession is a new field for independent service providers that operate in the Virtual Video Web where they are required to have a Business Trade-Group Certificate to join a membership support team.