Virtual Video Web High-Tech Pavilion


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The Virtual Video Web is a major part of a new private sector business infrastructure that’s being established in cities with populations greater than 100,000. The first step in the city’s selection process is to participate in special events held in and around the enroll city. This will help management to determine the needs for the programs and services offered by the Virtual Video Web in the city. The Virtual Video Web uses portable high-tech pavilions to showcase projects and services offered in both outdoor and indoor facilities. These pavilions are used to showcase development and support services for small & medium enterprises (SMEs). There are three configurations for Portable High-Tech  Pavilions. 

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double Unit High-Tech Pavilion

The Double Unit High-Tech Pavilion is used to showcase development and support service offered by independent dependent and major service attached to the Virtual Video Web. The single & double units are both stand alone portable facilities. All participating companies are developing a global reach for what they offer.

 Portable High-Tech gallery Pavilion

The   Portable High-Tech Gallery Pavilion can host more than sixty  exhibits when this  configuration is used.  The high-tech double unit and gallery pavilion maybe used to host early stage investment conferences and forums. Once, a city has been activated it has the authority to host leadership opportunity conferences. 

Digital High-Tech Marketing Exhibits

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private Equity capital center

These private equity capital centers host concept starter, a business formation incubator which is used to start early stage ventures from the embryonic stage of a new idea. These centers are equipped to develop and support startup ventures from the embryonic stage of a new business idea to a full-service franchise. Early Stage Investors that invest in small business projects are also attached to these centers.  These building will be built with the latest modular building technology and constructed by U.S.A. Modular