Early Stage Franchise 


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Early Stage Franchising is a private sector initiative that uses special institutions to provide continuous development and support for the franchise model being offered. The success of growing a franchise can be found in statistic data that shows a success rate of more than 95% after five years, compared to today’s 50% failure rate of starting a business using the traditional method of trial and error.  


Virtualified Business Models & Franchises 

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Virtual Business Franchise

Virtual Business Model has the option to use a physical outlet and created by combining the fields of business and real estate. Advance business with real estate refers to an existing venture with a dual track business system, with at least one physical outlet. This definition may also be used to describe a website without a physical outlet.

The terms Advance Business & Real Estate is used for the “Virtualification Process” by which business ventures with physical locations are converted into a Virtualified Business Model with and without physical outlets. The term advance business refers to a virtual venture with a domain address on the Internet that has gone  the Virtualification process. Advance real estate models have dual track locations, one for physical outlets and another for online outlets. Advance business with real estate refers to an existing venture with a dual track business system, with at least one physical outlet.  

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Power of the Virtualified Business Model

The “Power of the Virtualified Business Model” is the latest book written to teach the expanded use of the business model to include the billion dollar startup. This new model has a built in infrastructure that allows it to compete successfully in the new global marketplace. The Virtualified Business Model was established to take the guest work out of building a “Billion Dollar Startup”. This book also teaches what goes into the structure of a billion dollar startup that’s built from the embryonic stage of a new business idea.

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Power of the Certified business Model

The first power book in the series was published 15 years ago, called the “Power of the Certified Business Model”. Rudy Lewis was the author and the National Association of Home Based Businesses (NAHBB) the publisher. This book is used to day help guide entrepreneurs with new ventures that are seeking equity capital from a new class of early stage investors. The book was written when these new investors were just emerging on the investment stage. This book can also be used to teach young entrepreneurs what is needed in the business model planning stage, therefore, we encourage them to use the Business Model Plan as the foundation for both new and existing business ventures. Old addition published in 2002 is still available click  here to purchase.

 A new updated version is coming soon!!.