digital video Webchannels

With Companion Apps for Small & Medium Enterprises


Mobile Cellphone access Apps

The Mobile Cellphone Access  app is subscription based and come wi​th an email notification option.

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Business Trade Group Access Apps

The Business Trade Group Access App come with a code guide number assigned to each subject and theme of

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Custom Business Access Apps

Custom Business Access App allow you to assemble your own bundle video in from 6 to 24 videos. 

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Webchannel App selection Guide 

The Selection Guide  allow individual preview videos before they subscriber. 

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The Early Stage Franchise Industry is home to the “Virtual Business Franchise”, the highest level of franchising in use today with 90% of its business functions preformed electronically. The Virtual Business Franchise in a new method of franchising established for the new global marketplace. The Virtual Business Franchise has a double level territory, one for virtual and another for physical outlets. The physical franchise outlets are defined by zip codes.

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