Digital Video Speech Guide 


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Not since, the adding of the World Wide Web (WWW) to the Internet has there been a more widely used addition as digital and virtual videos. The Virtual Video Web includes Digital Video Webchannels with companion apps, they are the latest high-tech addition to the Internet with a global reach. This new addition allows ordinary people with skills learned operation their cellphone to Reimaging the Internet with the addition of the Virtual Video Web, where they can participate directly as independent and major service providers. 

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Commercial & Business use of smartphones

The Campaign to Reimagine the Internet is an advocate for the commercial and business use of Smartphones for individuals with skills learned operating them.  The consumer market for cellphone users have become saturated, while the commercial and business use of Smartphones is expanding. 

Virtual Video Speech Guide 

The Digital Video Speech Guide™ operates in conjunction with Digital Video Webchannels and companion apps. This new virtual devise allow individuals that are giving presentations on computer desktops, laptops and other wireless devises to control the discussion in meeting and/or classroom sessions. The video speech guide is a virtually controlled devise that can assist speakers and teachers manage discussions, in setting where everyone have a cell phone. The Virtual Video Speech Guide™ is excellent presentation aid at meetings  including seminars and workshops.

Digital Video Speaking Agency

The Virtual Video Web uses independent marketing agents as preferred service providers to sell and market the programs and services offered by the campaign to Reimaging the Internet. The Digital Video Speaking Agency is located in territories managed by major services providers such as:  a DigitaFran Franchise.

New age speakers

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Baltimore city speakers' Gallery

The Baltimore City Speakers Gallery is one of many that will be located in enrolled cities that are authorized to host branches of the “Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange”. Each enrolled city includes a Speakers Gallery for speakers and teachers that specialize in different topics and subjects for both paid and unpaid engagements. These local speakers are listed in a city’s gallery directory on the subject chosen during their training. They are also certified to use our Digital Video Speech Guide™ to give speeches on laptops, tablets and the Portable Display Speech Guide.  

National Speaker' Bureau

The Digital Video Speech Guide™ operates in conjunction with Digital Video Webchannels and companion apps. This virtually managed system allows individuals to give presentations with the aid of computer laptops, tablets and other wireless devises. This meeting discussion enhancement tool can aid in meetings and classroom with support videos that are played on demand from a pre-selected video platform. All certified speakers that are authorized to speak on topics and subjects that are related to the campaign to Reimagine the Internet must satisfactorily completed the Market First Presentation Training Program. This training program authorized certified speakers for topics on this campaign in paid venues.