Concept starter Enterprises  

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Concept Starter Enterprises is a business and franchise development service where small investors can find suitable investment projects to start at the embryonic stage of a new business idea. When Early Stage Franchising is combined with development and funding platforms, it is connected to a franchise investment exchange. A small business owner that use ConceptStarter.Net may elect to accept equity capital at the time the Business Formation Model is complete. 

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Concept Starter -Franchise Incubator Accelerator

The Early Stage Franchise Business System is broken into two major development periods, the first is the Concept Formation Stage and the second is the franchise Model Development Stage. The Franchise Incubator Accelerator can convert a certified business models into franchises in months instead of years. The incubator accelerator is a major part of the development stage.

Private Equity Capital Center

The Private Equity Capital Center is a part of the private sector business infrastructure established in selected cities as the new private equity market for early stage startups.

Private Equity Capital Centers are used to provide new and existing business owners with access to equity and venture capital. A branch of the Private Equity Capital Center will be made available to potential franchisees that want to operate as management partnership franchise outlets.