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Business Statuswear Distributorship

The Business Statuswear Clothing Distributorship offers an International Clothing Line that indicate rank within the Virtual Video Web. These clothing are worn to indicate support for the Campaign to Reimagine the Internet as the Virtual Video Web. The Business Statuswear Clothing Line also used city logos, trademarks and other items on wearable clothing  to identify each other in the Virtual Video Web. This help in the self-identification process, no matter what languages are being spoken or Business Trade Group they identify with. 

SolarFran Energy

SolarFran Energy - is an alternative power source to electricity generated power by public utilities made from fossil fuels. Solar energy is an unlimited natural resource that all people can participate in either as producers or consumers. The SolarFran Power Grid is made-up of small residential and commercial power users.

PictureFran Studio

PictureFran Studio - is a content service provider for still picture videos and business overview clips. These studios uses outside professionals such as: still picture producers, motion graphic artists, script writers, video background producers, directors, script writers, digital voice producers and photographers to assist in producing videos.

Teeth by Tomorrow

Teeth by Tomorrow - is a dental referral services that is being developed as a Business Formation Model. Once, the Business Formation Model is completed, it will be offered for equity financing. The Teeth by Tomorrow Dental Referral Services is for people in need of a quick solution for their dental problems usually within 24/48 hours. Our online database contains independent dental labs from local communities that provide full service emergency care for denture design and replacement services. 

Concept Starter - is a Business Formation Incubator that is Internet based that provide business access to crowd funding donations, grants funding for projects in the early stage of a new business idea. There are two types of concept funding projects accepted by ConceptStarter.Net: the first is capital raised for business formation and the second is existing projects seeking equity capital.

dot-com business incubator

The Dot-Com Business Incubator™ offers comprehensive business development services

for certified business models and franchises. Business and franchise models are build on growth and development platforms where a business development team is assigned to each project that is being certified. Certification is provided by a third party organization that test the core concept and business structure in the actual marketplace. 

Talent & Casting Agency

Talent & Casting Agency - represents the following Internet models: Showcase Acting Model, Still Picture Feature Model, Showcase Display Model and Industry Spokes Model. The selection process includes poses that may be taken from your home, office or outdoors. Once, a model is selected, they are asked to enroll in an agency, if they want an affiliated with the IntraNet-TV Broadcasting Network. Model poses are placed in the network’s portfolio databases for later use in producing commercial ads and/or videos. 

TranFran Education

TrainFran Education - is a new business teaching support program that has taken on the challenge of training a new bread of teaching and speaking professionals. A great future await those that become certified speakers and teachers in the new Entrepreneurial Focused Education and Training Field. Elite colleges and universities have made the commitment to provide entrepreneurial focused education and training to students with high Entrepreneurship IQs.

SMEs Apps

SMEsAPPs.Com is a mobile cell-phone application design and development service for small & medium enterprises (SMEs). SMEsAPPS.Com has the exclusive rights to market and sell Business Trade Group Access Apps for Digital & Video Webchannels connected to the IntraNet-TV Broadcasting Network attached. SMEsAPPs.Com can be the leading cell-phone application design and development service for business trade groups that are connected to small & medium enterprises (SMEs).

CondoFran Franchises

 CondoFran® - is home to affordable condominium conversion services. This private sector initiative uses Independent & Major Service Providers to provide continuing assistance and support for the real estate complex that’s being converted. The CondoFran® Dual Unit Franchise System is made up of two types of condo conversion franchises, one for residential properties and other for commercial properties.

Affordable Condominium Services

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Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange

The Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange was established in 2012, to accommodate the large number of non-accredited investors that are expected to enter the private equity market, now that Title III of the Jobs Act that was signed into law by President Obama in 2012 and implemented on May 16, 2016 by the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC). 

DigitaFran Franchise

DigitaFran Franchises - oversee sales and marketing of territories including area development rights for Digital Video Webchannels and mobile cellphone apps for small & medium enterprises. DigitaFran is the exclusive provider of digital video webchannels with companion apps that include the IntraNet-TV Mobile Cellphone Access App and Business Trade Group Access App for small & medium enterprises The DigitaFran Franchise is an early stage franchise model that’s being built in a business Incubator. 

AdverMailer Advertiser

AdverMailer offers direct and niche market mailers to reach small business owners and zip code to reach residental customers at the community level. These two types of mailers, other is the Virtual Media Mailer that is sent directly to in-boxes of opt-in email compiled lists. Small business owners who want to build their own Infinity Marketing System can to turn their niche market into a network on this direct and virtual advertising platform. 

DigitaFran Franchise

The Modern American Entrepreneurship Philosophy has created a new business system that was implemented after May 2016. It was made possible by a new equity funding law, that was signed by President Obama in 2012. This law madei it possible for non-accredited investors to invest in early stage business ventures, for the first time in more than 90 years.

Optical focus Eyewear 

  Optical Focus Eyewear. is a manufacturer re seller of eyeglass frames and sunglasses. Optical Focus specializes in private label and ethnic eyeglass frames. We work directly with optical frame manufacturers who design frames for large niche market groups. The Optical Focus Eyewear database contains highly selected frames and sunglasses from both domestic and foreign manufactures. The Optical Focus Eyewear sale team is constantly expanding the consumer eyewear database with consumers who wear frames.

Franchise Incubator Accelerator

The Early Stage Franchise Business System is broken into two major development periods, the first is the Concept Formation Stage and the second is the Franchise Model Development Stage. The Franchise Incubator Accelerator can convert a certified business models into franchises in months instead of years. The incubator accelerator is a major part of the development stage.


Equity & Venture Capital SourceBanks - provide full-service funding access  with a certified equity capital manager  attached. This brokerage offers an alternative funding source to traditional loans and other debt financing. A SourceBank brokerage allows small business owners to locate equity funds in one-step instead of searching endlessly for funding sources for their business ventures. 



Entrepreneurial Focused Education & Training - is sweeping the nation and the public education system is not yet capable of preparing new students fast enough for America’s elite colleges and universities, that’s now teach next generation entrepreneurs.  Parents that combine this new philosophy with public education will get a head start on teaching their children to embrace the future economic and education changes it will bring. 

USA Home Based Business Information Superhigyway

National Association of Home Based Businesses is a private business organization that offers development and support services to entrepreneurs that operate a business from home. The NAHBB help companies in the early stage of their business development when they are the most susceptible to failure. 



Entrepreneurial Focused Education & Training - is sweeping the nation and the public education system is not yet capable of preparing new students fast enough for America’s elite colleges and universities, that’s now teach next generation entrepreneurs.  Parents that combine this new philosophy with public education will get a head start on teaching their children to embrace the future economic and education changes it will bring.  Gallery

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Digital Video Webchannels with companion apps are the latest high-tech addition to the Internet. This new addition will allow individuals that learned skills operating their commercial use Smartphones to enter secondary career and business skill occupations that are currently needed on the Virtual Video Web.

VirtualVideoWeb.Org has launched a secondary career and business skill training program for members, affiliates and others with expanded capability on their Smartphones.

For best results when visiting our websites at: www.VirtualVideoWeb.Org or www.VVWEB.ORG use your tablet, laptop or desktop. However, when viewing our  collection of apps, they are best viewed on your Smartphone.  

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