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 Price List

VirtualVideoWeb.Org has launched a secondary career and business skill training program for members, affiliates and others with expanded capability on their Smartphone for commercial and business use. These commercial use smartphones have upgraded capacity that allows wireless devices to provide access to tablets and laptops operating on the Virtual Video Web. Digital Video Webchannels with companion apps are the latest high-tech addition to the Internet. This new addition will allow individuals that learned skills operating their commercial use Smartphones to enter secondary career and business skill occupations that are currently needed on the Virtual Video Web. 

Business Model Writer (BMW) - $2,995

• Business Development Consultant (BDC) - $3,495

• Certified Business Consultant (CBD) - $4,995

Master Business Developer (MBD) - $25,995

Modern Entrepreneurship Teacher (MET) - $2,695

• Modern Entrepreneurship Consultant (MEC) - $2,495

Equity Capital Manager (ECM) - $5,995

Venture Capital Manager (VCM) - $8,995

• Franchise Brand Manager (FBM) - $6,995

• Certified International Trader (CIT) - $2,495

• Digital Webchannel Builder (DWB) - $3,595

SMEs APPs Marketing Representative - $2,995

Sponsorship Marketing Consultant (SMC) - $4,995

• Certified Modular Consultant (CMC) - $2,495

Showcase Acting Model (SAM) - $1,295

• Still Picture Showcase Model - $995

• Major Service Provider (MSP) - $3,495

Independent Service Provider (ISP) - $1,495

• SMEs APPs Market Consultant (SMC) - $2,495

SMEs APPs Broker (SMB) - $3,695

• Equity SourceBank Manager (ESM) - $5,995

Venture SourceBank Manager (VSM) - $6,995

• Direct Mail Consultant (DMC) - $3,595

Virtual Business Consultant (VBC) - $3,995

• Virtual Franchise Consultant (VFC) - $4,995

Virtual Franchise Developer (VFD) - $5,995

• Certified Practical Entrepreneur (CPE) - $3,695

Certified Innovative Entrepreneur (CIE) - $3,495

Direct Marketing Consultant (DMC) - $3,495

TrainFran Education Teacher (TET) - $2,495

• TrainFran Training Consultant (TTC) - $2,295

Mobile App Developer (MAD) - $2,995

• Digital Webchannel Developer - $3,995

* Market First Provider - $2,995

ConceptStarter Referral Agent - $595 (include a one year membership)

Market First Training - Books

The Market First Presentation Training Program is a major part of the Campaign to Reimagine the Internet for commercial and business use for owners of Smartphones. For each Market First Campaign, we accept into the Virtual Video Web, they must have a Market First Presentation Training Program in place that fit within our IntraNet-TV Broadcasting Network. Each accepted campaign must have dedicated spokes persons for each campaign  presented. 

TrainFran Education Training - Books

TrainFran Education and training include certified teachers and speakers that are authorized to conduct entrepreneurial focused training courses through workshops, seminars and entrepreneurship exhibitions. These professionals are certified to teach parents and entrepreneurial focused students that are seeking business skill training in the new field of Innovative Entrepreneurship.  

Secondary Career & Business Skills Professionals  

The Virtual Video Web is a major part of the private sector business infrastructure that being established in cities, for small & medium enterprises (SMEs). The Virtual Video Web has a major need for secondary career and business skill professionals, to participate in the network for SMEs. These career professionals are allowed to work within the Virtual Video Web were earning potentials will exceed that of their counterparts in traditional jobs. 

Modern American Entrepreneurship - Training

The Modern American Entrepreneurship system uses a Private Sector Business Infrastructure to support ventures in the embryonic stage of a new business idea. The Modern American Entrepreneurship system is now shaping a new world economy that divided it into two distinct economic systems. 

Modern American Entrepreneurship System is a new business system for small & medium size enterprises (SMEs). It is becoming a worldwide phenomenon that was best described in 2011 by: James Flanagan a New York Times, reporter that “corporate chief executives may have been the heroes of American business in bygone decades but these days the entrepreneur is king”

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