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Domestic and foreign traders are members in the same global network marketing system that can help each other locate distribution outlets for manufacturers who need representatives for their products in each home country. Individuals who want to work with manufacturers as their exclusive export/import agents or independent traders that want to start their own international trade business? Domestic and Foreign Trading Partners assist each other and allow them to export their own products using the network. These innovative traders can help each other because they are innovative traders and are trained to use the same uniform trading policy. 


business Marketing Circle

A Business Marketing Circle includes strategic marketing partners that want to reach the same-targeted group. Each qualified business in the circle offers a one-of-a-kind product or service in the network. This diverse circle of businesses allows them to jointly market to the same customer base. Circle Marketing is a new concept in niche marketing, it combines existing marketing methods such as; direct mail, group marketing and special event marketing, with new innovative marketing strategies using e-commerce lead source services.

There are two business organizations authorized by the NAHBB to help monitor business and trade activities on the USA Home Based Business Information Superhighway.

Diversified Business Organization

The Diversified Business Organization that is made up of members from different trade groups. There are currently more than 300 classifications for home based businesses. These two business membership support organizations help monitor business and trade activities on the USA Information Superhighway.

Business Trade Organization

The Business Trade Organization, (BTO) is made up of business members from the same Business Trade Group (BTG). Enroll members are assigned a Home Business Identity Classification, (HBIC) from the clearinghouse division of the National Association of Home Based Businesses, (NAHBB), the Micro-Business Enterprise Association (MBEA) or the Early Stage Franchise Association (ESFA). Acceptable businesses are granted the exclusive rights to a pre-selected business trade organization.

infinity Marketing Network

 The One World Business System describes a new parallel growth structure that lets small business owners use the power of the certified business and franchise models. This parallel growth structure is made possible through the use of advance technology in communication and the Internet. Certified business models and franchises are the preferred business structures used for this new business growth development platform. Authorized distributors are trained in a program that was designed especially for them where they must sell and distribute ethnic eyewear including sunglasses according to a specific set of guidelines.


Independent distributors can sell their frames and sunglasses directly to the consumer. Authorized distributors are trained in a program that was designed especially for them. They must sell and distribute Optical Focused Eyewear and sunglasses according to a specific set of guidelines. 

This Certified Business Model is being converted into a franchise business system.

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